WIN UP TO USD$2 Millionthis Saturday

It’s easy to play

Here is how

Pick your Favourite Numbers

Mark a coupon with your favourite numbers. To mark a coupon place crosses in the numbered boxes. To play ONE ticket to the ‘TICKET 1’ section on a coupon and mark 6 JACKPOT numbers between 1 to 45 in the top game panel, then mark 5 numbers between 1 to 45 in each game Box A through F. you can play TWO tickets by filing out the ‘TICKET 2’ section on a coupon in the same way as for ‘TICKET 1’.


Ask for a Kwik Pik

Ask for a Kwik Pik ticket and you your numbers randomly picked for you. The more games you play the better your changes of winning a prize!

The Pacific Gold is Draw Saturday night at 8:30pm AEST. The DRAW is based in Australia, conducted under the supervision of the Australian Government ensuring transparency and integrity. RESULTS of the draw are usually available from 12 midnight CNMI time at all official NMSA lottery agents. Simply ask your local agent to check your ticket OR visit or check the winning number RESULTS board displayed on the Player Kiosk on the following morning where you purchased your ticket.

What we need to win

1stMatch all 6 JACKPOT numbers in a vertical line.$2 Million*
2nd1 Jackpot Number Plus 5 Numbers$20,000*
3rd5 Numbers$10,000*
4th1 Jackpot Number Plus 4 Numbers$5000
5th4 Numbers$200
6th1 Jackpot Number Plus 3 Numbers$50
7th 3 Numbers$15
8th1 Jackpot Number Plus 2 Numbers$10


*In the case of more than one winning ticket for prize Division 1, 2 and 3 the prize will be divided by the total number of valid winning entries.

Conditions of Sale

Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded.

All prizes must be claimed within ninety days from the draw date. After ninety days, the ticket will expire and unclaimed prizes will be forfeited. No person under the age of eighteen years is permitted to purchase these games. Terms and Conditions apply to this game. Complete game rules and terms and conditions are available at official NMSA Lottery Agents and online at Carefully check your selections on your Entry Ticket. Entry Ticket receipt does not constitute a valid game entry until received in Australia by the online host gaming system. The online host gaming system is the definitive record of all valid tickets.

In the rare event of power outages, international communications gateway disruption or technology disruptions which cause the failure of Entry Ticket lodgment the customer may receive a refund of the original purchase price of the ticket or the ticket is automatically placed in the next available draw of that particular game.